Coin Bank Mason Jar Cap

No Complaints, November 13, 2014
It arrived on time, well packaged, and was as the mason jars perfectly.

Five Stars, October 24, 2014
Good purchase.

but this is a great top because it is one piece, October 12, 2014
I didn't read clearly enough when I bought it that it was not for a wide mouth jar. I would prefer that size, but this is a great top because it is one piece.

Five Stars, October 8, 2014
Works great!

It's a Fun Item, July 16, 2014
This is one of those items that brings a bit of old-fashioned cuteness into your home. You see Mason Jars being used for so many things and this is one of the practical uses. It's nice and neat and beats just flipping your change into a lidless jar. I recommend this product.

Five Stars, July 15, 2014
Great for grandchild's bank.

Five Stars, July 12, 2014
Very Fun!!

My new piggy bank, June 29, 2014
This is a big help. It is clean and neat with no rough edges. I have made one with a knife through a lid, but this is better. I used it on a jar from spaghetti sauce, so it was a minor expense.

Mason Coin bank fun, June 16, 2014
It fit my pint size green heritage jar only! My hubby comes home and empties his pockets in the kitchen. Now the change goes in my matching mason themed kitchen.

Mason jar coin top, May 27, 2014
It was just what I wanted. The coin mason jar top was as advertised. I may order more for the grand kids.